Graeme McCrindle

Operations Director

Graeme joined Welsh Power Group in 2015 and previously headed up First Energy Ltd, a group engineering company responsible for the design, build and operation of Welsh Power's first gas fuelled reserve power station.  As a Chartered Engineer, Graeme brings with him 25 years of engineering, construction and operational experience in the use of gas engines as prime movers.  Graeme's formative years were with GE-owned gas engine OEM, Cooper-Bessemer USA.

In 1998 Graeme ventured into the UK's energy sector managing the development of 100MWe of Britain's first distributed power plants for Independent Energy Ltd. In 2003 Graeme founded his own consultancy & contracting business. Graeme spent a decade involved in the development of over 1GWe of distributed energy systems, renewables and CHP throughout the UK and overseas.