Flexible Generation & Grid Stability

The necessity to decarbonise our energy infrastructure through intermittent renewable energy sources has created volatility on our energy network .  This has increased the need for fast, flexible electricity generation to provide reserve power and grid balancing services.  Welsh Power operates 550MW of flexible generation, on behalf of investors, to meet this need.

In the last 5 years, Welsh Power has developed and built some 500MW’s of high efficiency, low emission gas fired reciprocating engine power plant to support the energy transition towards a net zero carbon energy system in the United Kingdom.

As well as flexible generation,an energy network reliant on non-synchronous renewable energy sources requires ways to manage frequency, voltage and inertia if stability is to be maintained. 

Traditionally, these services were provided by large coal, gas and nuclear generators as a by-product of their active power generation.  Markets are now developing to provide these services independently of active power generation.  Welsh Power is at the forefront of delivering services to this new market.  Welsh Power is in the process of constructing the first such project incorporating a synchronous condenser and flywheel in South Wales and is actively developing a series of similar plant across the United Kingdom.


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